Plan von Bern mit Befestigungsprojekt

The BiG's exhibition 'The Schauenburg collection – a uniquely valuable collection of maps'

The Schauenburg collection, which has been owned by the Swiss Confederation since 1881, is the focus of a new exhibition at the Library Am Guisanplatz.

A chef wearing a white shirt and matching apron, cutting a block of cheese into smaller pieces. (Source: EMC)

Feeding the body and the mind – a history of food in the Swiss Armed Forces

Despite Switzerland's reputation for being a cheese-loving country, dairy products were absent from Swiss soldiers' meals for much of its military history. Nevertheless, it was the Swiss Armed Forces that would help fondue to become a national dish.

Szene aus der ersten Schlacht von Neuenegg, , 5. März 1798

Vortragsreihe BiG: Stunde Null der modernen Schweiz

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