Plan von Bern mit Befestigungsprojekt

The BiG's exhibition 'The Schauenburg collection – a uniquely valuable collection of maps'

The Schauenburg collection, which has been owned by the Swiss Confederation since 1881, is the focus of a new exhibition at the Library Am Guisanplatz.

An older employee teaching his younger colleague how to use a 3D printer. Source: iStock.

Knowledge management – preparing for future challenges

Pooling knowledge, coordinating it, and identifying hidden potential – managing employees' knowledge is a major challenge for organisations. The Library Am Guisanplatz takes a closer look.


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Alexandria Library Network

18 libraries and documentation services within and without the Federal Administration have merged to form the Alexandria Library Network.


eBooks on Demand (EOD)

The EOD service enables you to order complete electronic copies of copyright-free books from the BiG’s inventory.

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The Library Am Guisanplatz BiG is the main library of the federal administration and the Swiss Armed Forces.

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