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Information and documentation specialist, federal VET diploma –vocational education and training

Each year the Library Am Guisanplatz trains an apprentice in information and documentation management (Federal VET Diploma). The apprenticeship lasts three years.

The Library Am Guisanplatz (BiG) offers an apprenticeship as an Information and Documentation Specialist (Federal VET Diploma). This is a varied, challenging and exciting training opportunity at the BiG.

The apprenticeship teaches the core activities of information and documentation management: selecting, ordering, collecting, archiving, cataloguing, researching, reproducing and conveying all kinds of media and information.


  • Completed secondary education (Sek or Real/Primar plus 10th school year)
  • Mental flexibility
  • Good command of German, French and English
  • Good communication skills
  • Reliability
  • Good customer service skills
  • Interconnected thinking
  • Interest in IT and new media.


  • Training always begins on 1 August
  • The apprenticeship is published on the Federal Administration job portal in August/September each year.

Duration, extent of employment 

  • Three-year apprenticeship
  • Full-time position (incl. attendance of vocational school, branch courses and opportunity to attend BMS (vocational baccalaureate course) if performance is strong.
  • Schools are in Bern; language of instruction is German.


  • As 1st year apprentice approx. CHF 800 gross/month x 13
  • As 2nd year apprentice approx. CHF 980 gross/month x 13
  • As 3rd year apprentice approx. CHF 1,500 gross/month x 13

Library Am Guisanplatz Training
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