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At the Library Am Guisanplatz BiG, Federal Administration employees and Armed Forces staff have access to a wide range of online resources. This service includes access to the main Swiss press products.

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The following e-media are freely available online to employees of the Federal Administration and the Armed Forces. You do not need to register for this BiG service. You will be automatically authenticated with your work laptop (outside the federal network via VPN) and with your federal mobile phone/federal tablet. Use the links listed below for access. 

In case of access problems, please contact us by e-mail at Proposals for further resources can be submitted via the corresponding form.

NZZ via Genios

The BiG licence includes full-text access to all daily news articles and to the archives of the NZZ (from 1993), the NZZ-Folio (from 1993) and the NZZ am Sonntag (from 2002).

Further functions, such as the creation of a monitoring, are available after registration. Articles updated on a daily basis can be accessed via the advanced search (period: today). Further information can be found under FAQ or under Help.

Swissdox Essentials

The Swissdox database provides its users with the current and past contents of most major Swiss newspapers and magazines as well as numerous online media. Also included is the archive of the German magazine "Der Spiegel". In addition, the content of Swiss television SRF is also indexed. These can subsequently be streamed on its website.

The media list provides detailed information on content and availability data.

For a targeted full-text search, filter options are available by title, author, source, publication date or language. The articles are available in PDF format in their original layout for reading or downloading. Alternatively, only the texts or images (page extracts) can be selected.

The Nexis Uni database contains articles from more than 11,000 media from all over the world in over 40 languages. These are international newspapers, news portals, specialist journals, legal publications and company data. The articles are available in text format or, in some cases, as PDF files in the view of the printed version.

The title list provides availability data and direct links for searching individual publications.

Information and search tips are available in English: Welcome to Nexis Uni® Help. Initial information is available in English and German: Nexis Uni Support & Training page.

After registration you can also set up thematic notification services.

Nexis Uni is not yet activated for mobile service devices due to technical problems.

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