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Alexandria search portal

The majority of the Library Am Guisanplatz’s (BiG) holdings can be found using the Alexandria search portal. In addition to an extensive stock of physical media, you will find a wide range of digitised items. There are numerous search and filter options you can use when conducting your search.

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The Alexandria search portal provides access to the holdings of all libraries affiliated to the Alexandria library network. Using the right filter setting, you can call up print and digital resources held at the BiG.

Search functions:

  • For physical items, the search portal lists the locations and the signature under which you can find the required item in the given library. Various locations and signatures are listed. To search for holdings available at the BiG, please activate the corresonding filter setting under ‘Library’.
  • Under ‘Status’ you can see whether an item is available. Borrowed items and items with the status ‘In transit’ may be reserved. Further information can be found under Lending. 
  • The search portal takes you directly to the full text of electronic media, if freely accessible. Further information on accessing our online resources can be found under E-media
  • You can extend your search to all the holdings of all the libraries in the Alexandria library network, including selected external databases. Select the option ‘Alexandria & more’.
  • Under BiG Collections you have access to digitised official military publications, digitised special collections und BiG publications. There are also a number of bibliographies  relating to BiG special dossiers.
  • Under Journals you have access to all the journals in the BiG catalogue or that are available online. More information on the journals available online can be found under E-media.

The Alexandria search portal homepage you will find many useful links and further information. If you have any questions about using Alexandria, please write to us at

Proposing acquisitions

Is a publication missing from the BiG's collection? Suggest it to us!

Inter-library lending

If you cannot find an item in the BiG catalogue, we will be happy to order this for you from another library. More information on this service can be found under Inter-library lending

Requesting documents

Are you having trouble finding the documents you are looking for? A team of information specialists with an academic background can help you. More information can be found under Requesting documents

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