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Head of the BiG

Head of the Library Am Guisanplatz BiG
Head of the Library Am Guisanplatz BiG

Daniel Kohler

Since 1 October 2016, Mr Daniel Kohler (born in 1974), lic. phil., executive MPA University of Berne, is in charge of the BiG. He has been working in the BiG or the former Federal Military Library for 16 years. In his last position as head of coordination of the Alexandria Network, Digital Services and Archival Service of the DDPS, he successfully introduced a cloud-based library management system for the BiG and the entire Alexandria Network at the end of 2013.

Daniel Kohler studied history and geography at the University of Berne. In 2013, he completed his advanced studies as Executive Master of Public Administration at the Competence Centre for Public Management at the University of Berne. He is married and lives in Kirchberg, canton of Berne.

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