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Non-digitised special collections

How did people develop in societies and geographic surroundings in other times, in other parts of the world? How did the geographic origin of citizens of the young Confederation express itself after the beginning of the mid-19th century? What impressions did young Swiss soldiers take back with them from their term of service with the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC) between North and South Korea? And what are the works of literature of the Near East?

With its non-digitised special collections the BiG offers further insight into its unusual inventory. Here you will find hoistorical maps, douments of former Swiss members of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC) and a mine of literature from the Near East.

The non-digitised special collections of the BiG are unfortunately only partly indexed in the catalogue. Only few have been digitised.

In the non-digitised special collections of the BiG you will find the historical map collection, the Korea collection and the Middle and Near East collection.

Maps and Atlases

The BiG possesses special maps relating to many topics in military history. In the Alexandria catalogue you will find war maps, operation maps and tactical maps.

The Middle and Near East collection

With its Middle and Near East collection, the BiG seeks to do justice to the incredible variety of the Orient.

Korea collection

The BiG’s Korea collection provides insight into the work and daily routine of the Swiss NNSC-delegation.

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